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Frequently Asked Questions
about Member Subscriptions

  1. Will I receive a user ID and password? May I share my user ID and password with friends, or is use limited solely to me?

    As part of the online subscription activation process, you will choose your own user ID and password. You are the only one licensed to use this online subscription account; you may not share your user name and password.

  2. What if I forget my password?

    Select the "Full Text" option of an article in one of the journals you subscribe to. Click on the "I've forgotten my user name and/or password" link. By reentering either your user name or member ID, the online journal will create a new, random password for you. This new password will be automatically e-mailed to you.

  3. Why should I activate my member subscription to the Journals of Gerontology Series A Online, the Journals of Gerontology Series B Online, and/or The Gerontologist Online?

    Member Subscribers have access to:
    Tables of contents, abstracts, full-text searching, full-text display, document delivery, PDFs, links to Medline and GenBank, future tables of contents, interjournal links to other HighWire Press journals, and the advantage of having password access to GSA's Journals Online from any computer connected to the Internet.
    [GSA Membership]

    Without a subscription you have access to Tables of contents, abstracts, and full-text searching at no cost and without having to register.

  4. How can I tell if my institution has subscribed? How do I get my institution to subscribe?

    If your institution has a paper subscription, it will be eligible to upgrade to add the electronic version of the journal as well. Once your institution has done so, you will automatically have access to the tables of contents, abstracts, full-text searching, full text display, PDFs, Medline and GenBank links, and future tables of contents. You'll also see a button at the top of the page confirming you're signed in as part of an institution.

    If your institution does not have a paper subscription, it cannot get an electronic version of The Gerontological Society of America. If you would like to have an institutional subscription, please contact your local librarian.

  5. Will I still be able to get the paper version? And for how long?

    Yes, GSA members and subscibers will continue to receive the paper version of the journal as well as online access for the foreseeable future. Online-only member subscriptions are available for undergraduate students only; at some point in the future, the paper and electronic versions may be available as separate subscriptions.

  6. Who is eligible for a Member Subscription?

    GSA Members are eligible for Member Subscriptions to GSA's online journals, which provide them with a paper and electronic version of their journal selections. Members may also have access to GSA Online through an Institutional Subscription. Institutional Subscriptions are somewhat more limited than Member Subscriptions. The special member services are not available to non-member subscribers, and full-text access from off of the institution's network (e.g. home access) is not available.

  7. How can I access the GSA Journals Online if I am not a GSA member and I don't have access through an institutional subscription?

    At this time, only GSA members and institutional print plus online subscribers have access to the full text of GSA's online journals for their personal use. You may wish to consider applying for GSA membership or asking your librarian to subscribe. Without a subscription you have access to Tables of contents, abstracts, and full-text searching (without full-text viewing) at no cost and without having to register.

  8. How do I become a member of GSA?

    Information about GSA Membership and application forms are available from GSA.

Still have questions?

For further information, please see GSA's supplemental online journal FAQs webpage. If that does not answer your questions, contact GSA headquarters. We recommend inquiries via email. Please indicate the topic of your inquiry in the subject line of your email.

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Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The office is closed on federal holidays. In addition, the staff attends the Society's Annual Scientific Meeting each November.

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